How does beauty make up for a day?

Source: ZheJiang Ushas Cosmetics Co., LtdPublished time:2018-10-20

Women who love make-up should be more concerned about how to keep it all day long. Repeated make-up is troublesome and inconvenient. It takes a long time to make-up, but soon it will take time to make-up or start dropping powder and so on. Women friends are troubled. Follow-up make-up is not as good as when making-up. Try to keep compatibility as long as possible, so let's recommend a few tips on how to keep makeup for the whole day.

The question of how to keep your makeup for the whole day is to make sure that every step is right, no more, no less, and no cosmetic foam is allowed on your face.

1, bottom makeup: after cleansing the skin with makeup before the use of milk as far as possible before gently pressing the whole face with a makeup towel, so as to clean the face of the grease, otherwise it will be easy to remove makeup, do not use strong suction oil paper, face T-word parts and nose on both sides of the need to press Oh, and then start using makeup before the milk, remember to gently Massage until the emulsion is absorbed.

2, foundation: after the makeup milk is used, the foundation will be pushed up evenly with the clean sponge. The excess foundation will be sucked out by the sponge. The pressed foundation will make the foundation and skin more suitable, the density will be higher and the makeup will keep longer.

3, Eyeliner: sometimes Eyeliner will easily appear halo makeup because eye cream or foundation cosmetics are too much on the eyelids, so when you draw your eyeliner, please use your fingers to gently wipe the powder around your eyes to ensure that the eyeliner is attached to a layer of eyelids to prevent dizzy staining.

4, the mascara part of this is not introduced, first from the root and then the tip of the corner of the eye three steps of the steps to brush.

5. Eyebrows in the painting before the first place in no eyebrows on a little powder, so that the eyebrows fade and then re-painted eyebrows, so that is because there is no eyebrows where direct eyebrow powder is easy to fall, with such a small technique can make eyebrow shape more three-dimensional.

The above is how to keep the makeup recommended throughout the day, change the embarrassment of makeup removal, dizziness, reduce the trouble of makeup, then try the above method to paint a good makeup, choose the right cosmetics, do not blindly follow the wind, the right is good, at night in the face cleaning time It is necessary to clean all the makeup, so that the skin will become better and better.