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Daily use of eye shadow makeup

Learn about the trend of eye shadow to the eyes, extending upward slanting manner can make eye makeup more charming. Let shadow extending direction of the temple, select pearl white eye shadow embellishment medial lower eyelid, can make the eyes brighter.
Single eyelids make-up method

1. eye shadow painting. Do not put eye shadow color is applied only at the edges of the eyelids, facial features should be painted in between.
Color eye shadow at the outer corners of eyes part 2. You can use a slightly darker hue increase, by the end of eye began to smear back and forth several times, so that the color can remain uniformly thin.
Eye shadow painting
3. Use the color smudged eye shadow brush eyebrow coloring down to the eye area, eye shadow brush to brush the natural color.
4. eyeliner painting. Single eyelids eyes appear smaller, so when the lash line to draw thick and strong, so that the eyes look natural rather large. When the painting to the end of eye liner can live upturned have bright feeling.
5. beautify eyelashes. First curved lashes with eyelash curler, mascara from the eyelashes and then began to brush, brush refrain stick together, if should bring false eyelashes, the selection of a longer.
Cosmetic Eyelid

1. Apply eye shadow to thin as the focus. When the eye shadow, the initial sum is usually the most important, it may draw from from the end, and must brush back and forth several times in order to make the color uniform and natural.
2. Draw eyelid characteristics. One picks up a small amount of eye shadow powder and shall return light coating, the lower part of the eyelid should be careful not to smear too thick, so as not to have dark circles feeling.
3. The use of eye shadow brush. After a complete eye shadow, eye shadow brush should be used to open a wide range of color sweep, by the eyebrow to between eyeliner, pale shadow sweep off excess powder, make eye shadow colors more transparent nature. 4. eyeliner painting. Finely drawn along the direction of eyelash growth, use a water-soluble liner, the lower lid end of eye forward to the position described by the first third of the distance from the eye to stop.
5. The modified cotton swab. Prone to lash question fork line before you can use a cotton swab to get rid of light obliterated, but not too hard, so that will draw a good eyeliner completely off.
6. Brush eyelashes. First brush the eyelashes, painted eyelashes, eyelash growth from the beginning of the careful brush on color, re-use mascara brush to brush back and forth around the front end.
Inner eyelid makeup

1. Double eye makeup within law. First imposed in the eyelids soft color rendering, and then use a convergence feeling tones and lower eyelids rub on smarter color.
2. The lower eyelid color. Use the upper eyelid with eye shadow color, painting is from the end to the eyes, do not draw the wrong direction, otherwise it will produce "goggle eyes" illusion.
3. Brush Halo color on the eyelids. Color eye shadow under the brow lightly brush the entire eyelid open, brush speed should be light and fast.
4. eyeliner painting wide law. Lashes with eyeliner from corner to draw a thick line the edge of the end of eye, but not beyond the orbit.
5. Brush a beautiful eyelashes. The upper eyelashes with mascara brush up, do not dampened excessive, so as not to tangle eyelashes. FIBER use mascara, can seem long eyelashes.

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