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Eye shadow makeup painting

Makeup Tips
1. First the entire orbital blooming, blooming eye to expand the scope for the purpose of: outer shadow under the lower lashes begin blooming outside, eye shadow above the eye socket began blooming out of blank space at the eye socket, giving the entire eye area leaving a blank.
2. In the blank position liner under the eye socket and the choice of silver or less pale colors will fill the blank, can play a more expanded role in eye shape; Asians pay attention to draw on the eyeliner, can make the eyes more of God.
Makeup painting editor
Paint Lite gas

The key: a small area of ​​low saturation bright eyeshadow + lip
Effect: glamorous noble little luxury
Build essentials:
You can first use black eyeliner or eyeliner depict a clear and smooth eyeliner, eye end does not have to be extended. Then on the basis of black eyeliner, painted with blue eye shadow stack liner, eyeliner showing a rich three-dimensional sense. Blue eyeball curvature of the recess in the position of having to draw a curve of the shadow, creating a deep double-fold effect. Blue eye shadow and then draw up a triangle eyes, from below his eyes and sketched out about 1.5cm long lines up along the Mei Wei direction.

The main steps:
Step1: with flat eye shadow brush dipped in pale colors with a pearl eye shadow, small brush to brighten the entire eye socket, eye makeup look more three-dimensional.
Step2: Continue with pearl pink eye shadow in the shape of the mathematical symbol "less-than sign," the head of the brush in the eye, make the eyes look bright eyes of God. In the upper eyelid along the eyelashes painted a blue eyeliner, eye end can be prolonged, the shape of a small triangle.
Step3: bright lips with oil or transparent gel applied to the eyelid range, part and colorless part blue tones are to be covered, but do not apply too much.
Nuanyang color

The key: a large area of ​​saturated soft matte nude lip eyeshadow +
Effect: warm saturated large shadow in the early autumn chill there with a ray of warm sun shines into the makeup.
Build essentials:
Dipped in eye shadow with circular way, the best choice for light-colored eye shadow powder or close to final choice of color. Third of the end of eye gently lift and then dipped in pale shadow of the fingers, close to the roots of eyelashes, from the inside corner to the outer corner of the eye, and then from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye, back and forth applied twice. Then along the contour of the eye, eye shadow on the upper eyelid whole smear. If you want to strengthen the eye three-dimensional, can exacerbate eye shadow on the outer side of the eyelids.
The main steps:
Step1: with no eye shadow brush dipped in eye shadow on the eyelids open fully blooming, creating a natural transition.
Step2: Emulsion dipped a little, smear on eye shadow, eye makeup routine this step can be used for emergency amend parts too thick eye shadow, eye makeup light in the paint can be appropriately increased "humidity." But the amount must be extremely rare, to avoid "mud."
Step3: Select the same color of lipstick, eye shadow applied on the eyelids, eyeshadow or lipstick texture perfectly compatible with the humidity and saturation, and more lasting makeup.
Step4: Choose a lip varnish or transparent gel, in Fenju, warm orange so warm eyeshadow apply a thin outer layer, this time the texture is light and saturated and paint

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