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Nail Polish selection and magical

Selected tips

Workers: Elegant red line, light pink or translucent nail polish, gives a natural feel.
Mature and dignified woman: beautiful pale yellow, silver nail polish painted nails French, prominent temperament beauty.
Fashion women: popular bright white, silver, metallic purple, blue fashion, mysterious green, yellow youth. Refreshing and prominent personality.
Dinners and social events: gold, red, purple and other colors with a luxurious texture nail polish, gives a dazzling feeling.

Magical articles

Nail polish has magical. If you find a thin and shallow cracks on the fridge finish, where coated with white nail polish to avoid cracks continue cracking. Need so repeatedly applied, if crack too, can be coated with varnish or lacquer.

Purchase method

Faced with a whole rack of nail polish, in addition to color, in the end choose to come from? Here are a few key for your reference:
1. The nail polish brush out the purchase to see whether along the brush down smooth teardrop-shaped was dripping, if the flow is very slow on behalf of this bottle of nail polish is too thick will not be easy to wipe all.
2. When the brush out, about the pressure at the bottle, try resilient bristles.
3. Try to choose a more slender nail polish brush, it will be easier on average (compare different brands of nail polish brush to know).
4. Covered with nail polish brush out, the last remains slender brush, brush a good show, and some will become very thick.
5. See the production date.

Quality judgment

The quality of nail polish, depending on whether they have the following properties:
It has an appropriate drying rate, and can be cured

Nail Polish

2. Easily applied to the nail having a viscosity
3. Capable of forming a uniform coating film
4. Uniform color consistency, whether there floating bottle
5. Gloss coating and color tone can be maintained for a long time
6. Good adhesion coating
7. The film has a certain degree of flexibility
8. Easy except when using repellent scrub nail polish

Nail polish color is very rich, in the selection of nail polish, in addition to the quality of the pros and cons, the choice of colors should generally maintain the unity of harmony and clothing or makeup.

Purchase Points

Some nail products containing volatile solvents such as alcohol and formaldehyde, which deprived the important nutrients needed for healthy nails, so to carefully choose the nail polish and norepinephrine water, the best selection of free acetone (Acetone-free) to the light component water, because acetone in addition to make your nails become fragile, the will to leave a layer of white mist on the nail.

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