Zhejiang Ushas Cosmetics Co.,Ltd is a professional OEM/ODM factory of beauty cosmetics, integrated with R&D, manufacturing, distribution and service. Ushas specializes in the manufacturer and exporter of mid-to-high class lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, lip liner, eye liner, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, blusher, powder, foundation cake, mascara, make-up sets, nail polish, nail polish remover and etc.

The company located in Yidong industrial zone, Yiwu city, the well-known commercial city of China. With years of development, our company has had the 100,000-Grade Air Purification GMP standard workshop, covering the area more than 20,000 square meters, including the international advanced production equipments, modernized standard testing facilities and excellent technology teams. Especially we have labs for microbial limit test & heavy metal test. We have a strong production capacity with more than 500 employees, our manufacturing capability is 10 million pieces per month.

about us


Let yourself with a gentle smile, give every customer with comfortable feeling.

A smile is the most beautiful language, is an enterprise of tolerance is a great performance.Smile culture is a kind of goodwill, self-confident, optimistic, health, sunshine of culture.



Communication with colleagues, deepen team consciousness;Communication with customer, understand each other needs.

Through constructing good and open channels of communication, make the effective communication of enterprise culture, so as to ensure the correctness of the corporate culture execution, directivity, master degree, to reflect the enterprise's image and demeanor.




Create a friendly working environment, people-oriented, seeking a win-win situation.

For us, the staff is very important.We respect employees, and provide the conditions for the development of employees.We hope that every employee has a sense of accomplishment and belonging, to people-oriented, to achieve a win-win result.


Grasp the opportunity, advancing with The Times, seeking sustainable development.

Enterprises to achieve sustainable development, should pay more attention to establish good corporate image Corporate image directly linked to enterprise's rise and fall, the wheat from the chaff, organic combination of visibility and reputation of the enterprise make up the enterprise image among the public.